We're Cassie & Terri, and we're The Booze Hags. This is our space to learn more about what we love drinking and why.

Here’s a toast to this big, boozy adventure – and to all our fellow booze hags. Cheers!

Episode 1 – New Year, New Vintage!

Episode 1 – New Year, New Vintage!

Hello and welcome! We're Terri & Cassie, a.k.a. The Booze Hags.

In our very first episode, we introduce ourselves and what The Booze Hags are all about – **hint** booze hag is actually a term of endearment and anyone who calls themselves thus is likely to be feminine, wizened, kinda mystical and a bit cheeky (in our minds at least!).

We chat about drinking the new vintages of some of our favourite wines from 2017, finally getting around to watching the Somm films on Netflix, and how we've been trying to develop our wine tasting abilities while decluttering our online space – plus a whole lot more mixed in!

What we're drinking this episode: Brave New Wine 2018 Gewurlitzer

What we've been drinking lately: 

What we've been watching/reading/listening to:

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This episode was produced by Terri Coad
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Episode 2 – Savvy B, Are You For Me?

Episode 2 – Savvy B, Are You For Me?